American Hip Hop

American Hip Hop
American Hip Hop

The Hip Hop music is the fastest growing type of music in America and the whole world. Many people since the 90’s have found a soft spot for the rap music. Hip Hop music started back in the 70’s when DJ Hollywood, DJ Afrika Bambaataa, and Busy Bee Starski came together to coin the term Hip Hop back in the day. Hip Hop started as a new genre because of its new style of funky beats that many people were unfamiliar with them. Most of the time Hip Hop was played in the streets, basement parties, and house parties. It was later on that the Hip Hop music started to get attention when the rappers started to write music about what was affecting them in real life.

The language used in Hip Hop is common slang that was used on the streets during the early days of the music genre. There were key slang words that different rappers always used in their music. This was irrespective of their ethnicity and race. The common words included dope, legit, hittin, and many others. Whenever the word ‘nigga’ was used, it meant a friend but not racial profiling. It made people from different to come together and rap about anything and using the same language.

When it comes to clothing, the Hip Hop fans and artistes have a way to show their lifestyle based on the music genre. Early during the 90s, many artistes would be wearing baggy T-Shirts, big jeans and sneakers. This style could be identified by many people that such a person loved Hip Hop. Things have changed today with some of the artistes now rapping in suits. The suits help to sell that the artiste is a professional. But still the Hip Hop artistes are known to love any latest trend in sneakers or fashion.

Bob Marley
Bob Marley

In the past, people used to listen to people like John Lennon, Bob Marley and many other different music genres. All of a sudden, Hip Hop seemed to get more fans than before. The main reason Hip Hop has gained more fans is because of the controversy that surrounds the music genre. Many people were opposing Hip Hop at first, but all the controversies just made it popular. Most people want to hear what Hip Hop was all about. Most parents felt the rap music was having a rebellious message to the youths. However, the youths felt most of the issues mentioned in the music were affecting them directly. It is the reason up to today the Hip Hop music appeals more to the youth.

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Hip Hop is the type of music that has transformed the lives of many people. Those people who can rap now have a great genre they can use to express their talent. This blog reviews how the genre started in the past and how it grew over time. We are yet to see the end of Hip Hop growing. We can expect that Hip Hop will always have more changes in the future.

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American Hip Hop has come a long way from the past when it could be heard only on the streets to now international stages. There is no doubt that the artistes would face major issues since the genre was just starting to spread through the nation. Due to its funky beats, people would really nod their heads to the beats and lyrics from the artiste.

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