Hijab is a type of clothing that covers the entire body and mostly worn by Muslim women. Hijab comes from an Arabic word that literally means a curtain or a cover. It is referred to a type of clothing that girls used to wear. The Quran has used this phrase to describe a dividing curtain that provides privacy to women. In a Muslim tradition, it is thought to wear to address the wives of their sacred prophet. Muslim women are compelled to wear hijab to pay their body avoiding sexual attention from men.

Those days the mentality of these people was so average that it’s made a part of the tradition wearing burka and hijab. It’s said to cover the head of the women with a scarf or some other bit of fabric. There were some scholars who differ the amount of clothing fulfilling the needs of hijab. Some chose to cover the entire parts of the body that includes face, feet and hands.

And there were a few who allowed girls to uncover the hands and face and the remainder covered. For young girls, the legislation of wearing hijab were flexible in many regions. It is said to practice this kind of clothing from puberty onwards. Similar to any other clothing hijab also have their distinct fashions. The differences normally come from differences in culture and area. In India and Pakistan, women wear lace veils that include head covering and a dress.

Burka are mostly black in color but now there also several other colors to flavor women’s fashions and taste. Niqaab is also 1 type that girls wear in that area cloth that covers face and head and drops down to the bosom. Abaya is also another kind of hijab which is an outer garment which covers the women’s body from head to toe. This sort of hijab is usually made of this black caftan. Like girls Muslims men additionally cover their head with their head using turbans or scarf.

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