The arena of technology has been widened by the recent addition of clever glasses which pairs together with smartphones to present easy and practical functions to its users. With distinct technology firms pumping out various models, the core functions remain the same, which can be providing visual information on the lens while offering a clear view of their surroundings, meaning the user sees both the displayed data and what’s around.

As mentioned, the different model differs in their specifications and small functions, but at the heart, they work the same. Bright glasses have replaced the need to constantly look down into telephones and strain the eyes and neck. By wearing them as ordinary glasses, the strain on the neck and eyes are drastically reduced and assists with maintaining an erect posture and shields the eye from prolonged exposure to screen lighting.

Another practical reason behind smart glasses is its own pricing. While relatively fresh and slightly towards the high end, most of the easy, intel smart glasses sell for a couple of hundred bucks and goes up to tens of thousands to its fancier ones. The prices are still quite new and hence hovers round the high end, but rightly so, since the product itself is of high caliber and functional use for almost everyone in any situation, profession or even age.

Automobile catastrophe have drastically been averted ever since the inception of such smart eyeglasses that have caused drivers to stay centered on the street, while at the same time perform any functions like making forecasts, navigating, listening to music and many different functions and tasks that requires a smartphone that is currently possible simply by wearing a smart glass and connecting it into the smartphone using Bluetooth that makes this device an extremely practical piece of technology.

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