Engaging customers have become the most crucial strategy in the development of any business. The trick is to engage, gain support, and win customers back with relevant messages on the proper channels. But the standard ways of customer interaction contributes to numerous disengagement and inefficiency which ultimately contributes to losing the favor of customers. Very often, 80% of mails have been left handed, with a great deal of mindless repetitive tasks, and restricted by hardware ability, making customers feel underserved.

Apifonica has produce a solution with the goal of maintaining a better customer relationship with less effort. Apifonica does so by assisting businesses engage and retain customers with voice and text messages delivered to the ideal channel. It reaches customers in their natural habitats, for example mobile, web, and social media. Maintaining the interaction history across channels with intelligent automation and dialogue workflows reduce the manual tasks for the person.

Individuals can set up triggers to send notifications and place calls automatically through the aid of Apifonica. This way they could incorporate conversation bots to handle first customer questions. Apifonica offers strong cloud platform to connect with customers everywhere. Its cloud-based communication platform allows the client to get in touch with their own customers around the world via voice, SMS, Facebook, Telegram messengers, and Push, all through a single API.

The programmers of the customer may use API to DIY answers on top of the stage. Or Apifonica may commit a committed team of their own software experts to provide a solution for the customer. When curious clients visit this site, they are sure to achieve a service that brings satisfaction service that will keep customers on the loop. After starting what Apifonica offers, they don’t need to worry about handling their customers. For example, when the order is placed in the delivery box, the organization’s software automatically takes a photograph and sends it to the recipient on Facebook Messenger, using a notice.

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