Tablets are one of the best inventions to hit the market in the past decade. Part toy, part tool, part family-entertainment-device, they offer so many features to different users. Customers interested in selecting from the best tablet under 100 should make sure that they pick the one which has a nice screen. This type of screen must have a great resolution as the combo will ensure that the user will be getting a good visual experience. Bluetooth capability might come in handy here since users can use headsets to complete their sensory enjoyment.

Reviews of the best 100 dollar tablet include the Fire 7 Kid’s Edition Tablet which is also a kid-focused tablet. This tablet is constructed for small, slippery hands that often drop expensive devices. The tablet’s chassis is very tough and a little spongy to allow for repeated drops. It has decent internal specifications and to round out the package, it offers a subscription for a year’s catalog for kid-specific games and educational programs.

Since it has been listed in the category of the good tablets under 100, the Fire 7 Kid’s Edition Tablet is a great choice for teachers or parents who are planning to buy a tablet for family or student use. Another tablet under 100 dollars is the Hoozo Android Tablet that comes with the latest Android OS equipped to take advantage of the dual-facing camera. This makes both selfies and photos or videos of the world a snap.

The tablet also has Bluetooth functionality, in case users want to hook up a keyboard or wireless headphones. The Hoozo Android Tablet’s white, matte design sets it apart from other tablets which are usually black or gray. The Android 7.0 Phablet allows phone calls or Skype calls on its screen. The tablet also allows Bluetooth devices and to keep up with all tasks, boast 4GB of RAM, giving the tablet more power behind its brains.

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